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Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis. You can reserve your child's spot by sending in your registration information and the full $400.00 enrollment fee in one of the following ways:


1. ONLINE: Use our online sign-up page.

2. MAIL: Send a $50 non-refundable deposit OR full $400.00 enrollment along with the form by mail.

3. VENMO: Pay a $50 non-refundable deposit OR full $400.00 enrollment to our Venmo account @neverland-theater and email or mail the enrollment form. 


Please note, no refunds are given after the first week of camp.

For further instructions on how to enroll, please visit the SIGN UP NOW page here on our website. 



Auditions take place the first four days of camp (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Actors will be asked to read for different parts and sing a portion of a song (if a solo-singing part is desired). By the fourth day, everyone will have learned a song and dance routine and be assigned a role in one of the two casts in the production. We ask all actors to attend from 11:30 - 2:30 during audition week. 

Note: Actors do not have to prepare any audition material beforehand.



Rehearsals take place in the Columbia Junior High Performing Arts Center.

Cast 1 will rehearse from 11:00-1:00 Monday through Thursday.

Cast 2 will rehearse from 1:30 - 3:30 Monday through Thursday.

Due to the short amount of time we have to put the production together, every rehearsal is important. Each participant learns something new each day, whether that is a song, dance, or scene. Therefore, it is also important actors arrive on time and stay for the duration of the rehearsal. Please send a water bottle and small snack if needed with your actor each day. (Rehearsing makes for hungry actors!)


Dress Rehearsals: 

Dress rehearsals take place the last week of camp. We do a complete run through of the show each day with costumes, lights, and sound. It is important that all actors are prepared and ready to go on time. 


Show Time: 

The Neverland Summer Theater Program culminates in a weekend of four performances. Cast One performs Friday night at 7:00 PM and Saturday at 2:00 PM. Cast Two performs Saturday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Each paid enrollment comes with two complimentary parent tickets to one of the shows. Additional tickets can be purchased at the door or online on the Tickets tab. Performances take place at the Columbia Junior High Performing Arts Center. DVD's and cast photos of each cast are available for purchase at the theater. 






Can my child still participate in the program if we have a vacation planned in the middle of the rehearsal dates?

Yes, we understand summer is a busy time and often families have planned vacations. However, limited rehearsal time has to be taken into consideration when casting parts. Each actor will get the opportunity to have a role and be in songs and dances, but several missed rehearsals may affect the size of the role he/she is given.


Should I sign my child up even if he/she has no experience with musical theater?

Yes, absolutely! Our program is structured so that children of all different skill levels will learn and grow. It is a very warm and friendly environment, so new ones are warmly welcomed.


My child is not a student in the Fife School District. Can I still sign him/her up?

Yes! The bulk of our enrollments are from the Fife School District due to our location, but we welcome others outside the district as well.

My child is a little outside the 10-18 age range. Can I still sign him/her up?

We decide this on a case by case basis, but for the most part, students need to be between the ages of 10-18. In most cases, students who participate are in fourth grade going into fifth grade all the way through to seniors who have just graduated. Please visit the CONTACT page with specific questions about your child. 


Have a question that is not answered on this page? Please leave us a comment on our CONTACT page or email us at 



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